Waters 717 Autosampler

2H2 INC offers rebuilt analytical instruments. Our customers are primarily universities in North America. The majority of our customers are working to preserve and improve human health and are a joy to work with.

With N. American universities we are often able to ship with purchase order notification only and a no-strings-attached return policy, this negates many of the risks associated with buying used equipment.

With large dollar value shipments we are able, in place of our customers, to pay for any duties or other border fees for items importing into the USA from Canada.

We also have a significant number of customers from private enterprise and universities outside of N. America. We are proficient with the significant paperwork that is sometimes required with international shipments and we have successfully supported many instruments overseas, through two year warranties, despite the distances involved.

We normally offer our instruments with either a one or two year warranty. To our knowledge there is no other competitor that is willing to offer a two year warranty. Despite this, our prices are comparable to those offering 90 day warranties.

Please note that we are not affiliated with with any instrumentation manufacturer