Waters Lac/e Server

We offer used Waters Bus Lace servers, also written Lac/e and Bus Lac/e interface cards. Although we do offer the servers, much larger part of our business involves the Lac/e interface cards. We offer these cards for sale and we carry out repairs on them.

If you are setting up a used HPLC system acquiring one may be the biggest hill to climb. While the market is flooded with several models of Waters HPLC components, there is a critical shortage of Bus Lac/e cards on the used market. We repaired approximately 50 of these cards in 2009 and this in fact made up a significant portion of our total revenue. We have heavily invested in test equipment and we believe we are the only company in existence repairing these cards. After months of work we have decoded the error messages from these cards and we have discovered the functions of all the chips without the aid of a schematic. We have a large number of the chips in stock. In addition these boards contain two FPGA chips. While these chips can be purchased, they are programable and apart from military level disassembly they are not copyable. We have surplus boards to rob these priceless FPGA chips from.

If you have a defective card please observe the pattern of LEDS on the upper right hand corner of the board as the card powers up. If you can let us know what LEDS light and which so not we should be able to give you a repair estimate over the phone. Alternatively we can provide quotes for Lac/e cards and servers for sale.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact us. Our sales people will never "follow up" with you afterwards and if you contact us by email we will never add you to our spam list. We do not and will not, ever have one.

If you could please send an email to info@2h2inc.com we should be able to provide a quote to you within a few hours or please visit our contact page for our telephone number and mailing address

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Please note that we are not affiliated with Waters Corp