HPLC System

We offer refurbished Waters Bus Satin Modules., also written busSAT/IN Module. The actual module itself is rather inexpensive and they are also readily available from other used vendors and auction websites. However the accessories are not so easy to find. We have gone to great lengths to track down and even fabricate the accessories which are quite expensive from Waters.

Waters used an obscure connector for the analog cables but eventually we were able to track down replacements connectors and we can now fabricate these cables ourselves. We can also provide new power supplies and power cords. In addition we can offer the data cables new. The data cable connects into yet another cable which was four ports on one end and a serial connector on the other. This adaptor cable is often called "the harmonica" due to it's appearance. We have also fabricated replacements for this "harmonica" as well. Our version has one port on one end and one serial connection on the other. With Waters original version the user is able to connect up to four bus satin boxes to one serial port. With our version only one bus satin box can be connected but our adaptor is also a fraction of the price of Waters.

In terms of actual refurbishment, the Bus Satin ranks very low. They are actually quite reliable and maintenance free, the real work is in locating accessories for them.

At one point all of our prices were posted online. Since the subprime fiasco of 2007 we have had an increasingly difficult time keeping our online prices up to date with the number of currencies that we normally quote in. Worse yet (for us) the prices of many instruments are in a state of flux. At this time(June 2010) we are in a buyer's market, this is an excellent time to buy used instrumentation, with prices approximately 10-15% lower then in 2007. Unfortunately we have had to switch from an online pricing setup to a quote-on-request one.

If you would like a quote on one of our busSAT/IN modules please let us know if you would like our standard two year warranty or our optional 90 day warranty.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact us. Our sales people will never "follow up" with you afterwards and if you contact us by email we will never add you to our spam list. We do not and will not, ever have one.

If you could please send an email to info@2h2inc.com we should be able to provide a quote to you within a few hours or please visit our contact page for our telephone number and mailing address

Please note that we are not affiliated with Waters Corp