Waters 996 HPLC System

We must confess that "stackable" is a bit of a silly term for this group of Waters components. It is an attempt to distinguish from Waters HPLC systems composed of integrated HPLC designs such as the Alliance series and LC module 1 systems that have multiple components that were traditionally separate, built into one unit. Please ignore the fact that the 515 pumps and the ILD degassers do not even stack with other modules.

The Waters Alliance systems are very popular and there are advantages in having multiple components that were traditionally separate in a single housing, with compactness being the first advantage. However there can be disadvantages too. For instance if you were on a tight budget, you could reuse and ancient pump that you already had, such as a Waters 510 or 6000. You could purchase the components that are absolutely vital at the moment such as an autosampler and a refractive index detector. Later on you could swap out your old pump for something a little newer such as a 515 pump. With an integrated system it is often an all-or-nothing affair. Servicing can also be complicated with an all-in-one design. An autosampler that seems to continuously be breaking down could be swapped out completely for another, while this is not usually possible with the integrated unit.

Please visit our products page to access information about our specific pumps and detectors. You could also visit our HPLC Autosampler page for information on the Waters 717, which is the only autosampler used in these "stackable" Waters systems.

If you have not visited our home page it might be helpful in explaining the work we actually carry out during the refurbishment process and in highlighting the differences between repaired instruments and refurbished ones.

If you would like a quote on one of our 'stackable' Waters systems, please let us know:
-What model of detector(s) you would like included with it
-If you require a degasser
-If you require a column heater
-If you require a 717 autosampler or a manual injector
-If you do need an autosampler, please mention if you require a heater chiller option
-If you would like a refurbished system with a 2 year warranty or a repaired one with a 90 day warranty
-If you have any other special requests such as column switching valves, larger sample loops and etc.

-In addition,if you require software, please call us to discuss your options.

At one point all of our prices were posted online. Since the subprime fiasco of 2007 we have had an increasingly difficult time keeping our online prices up to date with the number of currencies that we normally quote in. Worse yet (for us) the prices of many instruments are in a state of flux. At this time(June 2010) we are in a buyer's market, this is an excellent time to buy used instrumentation, with prices approximately 10-15% lower then in 2007. Unfortunately we have had to switch from an online pricing setup to a quote-on-request one.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact us. Our sales people will never "follow up" with you afterwards and if you contact us by email we will never add you to our spam list, we do not and will not ever have one.

If you could please send an email to info@2h2inc.com we should be able to provide a quote to you within a few hours or please visit our contact page for our telephone number and mailing address

Please note that we are not affiliated with Waters Corp